An Adventure Around Brixton

As part of our ‘Local Studies Week’ we explored the woodland and estuary near our school. When we got back to school, we worked together to write a news post for our School website.



Preparing for Birthday Celebrations

We had a big birthday to get ready for this week. Whilst keeping everything a secret from Mrs Harris, we practised our measuring as well as our Food Technology skills in our Maths lesson by making scones (ready for a cream tea party). We then used our best artistic skills to decorate the wonderful cake that we had made for her. On Friday we were able to show her all of our hard work as a huge birthday surprise and enjoy our culinary delights.

Testing Material Strength

Our lesson began with the sharing of ideas on how to construct the strongest bridge, with only five sheets of A4 paper as our available materials. We all listened to each other’s ideas and tried some of them out as a class.

Working in groups of three, we then built our own bridges using our new knowledge and any additional ideas we had kept safely to ourselves.

Our bridges were then tested as we looked on in anticipation of their inevitable collapse. Mrs Hext carefully added 200g weights one at a time until the bridges we ‘un-driveable’. As you can see from the scores below, the ‘blue 1’ team’s layered concertina bridge proved to be the strongest, holding up a huge 1600g!

After all of the excitement, we concluded that concrete and steel were much better bridge building materials.

Computer Coding

Plugging in to build and debug computer programs has been the focus of our computing this half term. With the help of well known cartoon characters we have been learning how to write control programs and solve problems when it all goes wrong. Look out for our own games soon.

Dahlville Struck by a String of Disasters

As part of our maths learning, we practised using nets to create a range of 3D model buildings to make Dahlville. Along with a paper mache volcano, a sandy beach and Buckingham Palace our city looked like a great place to live.
However, to celebrate all of our ‘Active Planet’ learning, we unleashed a series of disasters on the poor inhabitants of Dahlville. An unexpected tornado began to dislodge buildings before we even had the chance to cause our own problems!
With a shake of the tables, an earthquake caused a crack to appear through the middle of the city. This inevitably set off a volcanic eruption, swiftly followed by a ‘mega-tsunami’ (the buildings which had collapsed into the river previously, caused already increased water levels)!
Unfortunately, there were no surviving inhabitants, made sure of by the subsequent aftershocks and an extra tsunami.

Explorer Dome- Crazy Chemistry

Our visit to the Explorer Dome was full of whizzes, pops and bangs and of course lots of learning about the three states of matter. We had the chance to have our heads in a cloud and experience the chill liquid nitrogen can bring to many objects. Steve used a banana as a hammer and once it had warmed again, he ate it!