Paignton Zoo Trip

On Friday, Dahl Class spent the day at Paignton Zoo exploring all of the animals and learning lots. In the morning, we split into groups to walk around the zoo and see the animals… some of our favourites were the cheetah, the elephant, the baby monkeys and getting to stroke the goats!

After our picnic lunch in the sun, we headed to the education centre for a workshop. The workshop was all about animal skeletons and what information we can learn about how an animal moves or the way it’s adapted to its habitat just by looking at its skeleton.

Overall, we had a brilliant, sunny day at the zoo! I’m sure we’ll enjoy discussing our trip throughout our new topic ‘Land, Sea & Sky’, and also when we write recounts in English in a couple of weeks.


Whatever moves you 🥇🏀🏃‍♀️

We’ve had a brilliant day raising money for sports relief today. It was great to see all of the children in their favourite sporty outfits and getting involved with all the activities! In Dahl Class we went outside and did circuits which was hard work but very fun and all for a worthy cause. The children were hula hooping, lunging, doing press ups, step ups, balancing and more – I was so impressed with their ideas for our circuit training and the effort they put in! This afternoon, we had even more exercise when the whole school went outside to do a carousel of sporting activities. This included running (races, relays etc), throwing and skipping. Dahl Class have also had some great discussions about why we have sports relief and why it’s important to get involved and raise money. Overall, what a fab day… well done Dahl Class! 😊🎖

World Book Day

Today we’ve had loads of fun celebrating (a belated) World Book Day! The costumes and characters that the children came as were fantastic – thank you to parents/guardians for all of the effort that you put in to help them.

Throughout the day, Dahl Class have made character fact files all about the character they came as (see some below). We used different descriptive techniques and made sure that we described our character in as much detail as possible. This linked into our current English unit as this week we will be writing Character Descriptions about our favourite character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We also brought our characters to life through a hot seating (drama) activity! The class asked the character sitting on the chair some brilliant questions to find out more about them and the part that they play in stories. It was great to see the class getting in to their role and telling us all about their lives as that character!

Throughout the day Mrs Webb blew a whistle which meant that we had to drop everything and read. This was a good opportunity to sit and enjoy our favourite books.

Our day has been filled with reading, discussions, story telling, acting, creating book covers and of course the parade of our costumes in the playground. The prize for best dressed in Dahl Class was awarded to Xavi – well done!

Well done for everyone’s contributions today and making it a fab World Book Day in Dahl Class! 😊

P.s. Enjoy spending your Book tokens. I look forward to hearing about the stories you decided to buy.

Year 3 & 4 Athletics

On Thursday 8th, before the half term, 8 members of Dahl Class came along to take part in the year 3 and 4 athletics at Ivybridge. We each had a running race and a field event to do, including vertical jump, speed bounce and standing long jump. Our athletics team did brilliantly and were great representatives of the school, well done!

Explorer Dome Trip

Today we went on our class trip to the explorer dome. We had a brilliant time learning all about light in preparation for our science topic next half term! See some of the children’s highlights below:

“I liked it when they shone the lights then suddenly switched it to different coloured, rainbow lights!” MP

“I liked crawling through the tunnel to enter the explorer dome!” AP

“I liked seeing the images of the sun.” BN

“I liked seeing the mirrors on the disco ball reflecting light.” SW

“I liked when the dome went dark and there were thunder sounds and lightning striking down!” MH

“I liked it when I got to hold a green block that made the light a green colour.” XC

Film Week 2018

In Dahl Class this week we have been celebrating film week. We enjoyed watching Charlie and the Chocolate factory and linking it to our English topic on play scripts. We made character fact files through art, thinking about character’s personal traits and how we would express those in a play. Next week we will be writing our own play scripts of ‘what happened next’ in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… watch this space to see our finished work soon!

How Humans Work

In Dahl class we’ve been turning into Scientists to explore our IPC topic, ‘How Humans Work‘. We’ve been asking fantastic questions and researching facts to find out about the various systems that make up the Human body and how they work.

We have learnt all about the Digestive System, including the different parts of the system and their functions. Miss Roberts also did a visual model of the digestive system using broken up foods and tights – to represent the intestines – to bring our learning to life.

In English, Dahl class have been working on explanation texts and exploring their important features. We’ve composed some brilliant explanation texts all about the digestive process. Take a look at some of our work.



Miss Roberts would also like to thank the parents/guardians that have helped their child/children in their spare time to make some amazing pictures and diagrams of the Human body to share in class – We’ve loved having Digestive Dave and Skylar the Skeleton (to name a few) to help us with our learning!