First week back together!

We survived another lockdown and some very successful home schooling and now we are all back together. Even though lots of the class were already in school during lockdown it has been so nice to have everyone together again this week!

Over the last few days we have been getting use to being in the classroom again and have introduced some new work. In English we have started looking at the poem “The Sound Collector” we have been performing it to each other and creating actions to remember the text.

On Tuesday afternoon we made Mother’s Day cards ready for Sunday. We worked well together and showed a lot of perseverance to make sure our cards turned out perfectly for our Mums. We used hearts to create a card which looked like a bouquet of flowers.

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World Book Day ft Rights Respecting 🌍

This year’s World Book Day was a little different to normal but we still all dressed up and we even dressed up fruit and veg as our favourite book characters!

We had characters from The Creakers, Matilda, Narnia, BFG, Code Name Bananas, Tome Gates and more!

It was amazing the effort everyone went to even though the stores are shut!

In the classroom and at home, we did lots of activities linked to books. We created a new setting for our book character and wrote a persuasive advert for our favourite book.

Our most important task of the day, however, was a letter we wrote to Boris Johnson and the government.

As a class we discussed what it would be like to not have access to books and all the things we’d miss out on. We realised we wouldn’t have a good imagination, we couldn’t use reading to help us feel calm and relax and even for those of us who aren’t keen on reading books we realised that we wouldn’t be able to read signs or food labels or even what are PlayStation games were telling us to do!

All children have a right to an education, a right to play and relax and a right to reliable information that they can read. But how can children access these rights if they haven’t had books to learn to read?

We decided it was the governments responsibility to make sure that no matter how much money you have or where or who you live with, every child in the UK should have access to books. We discussed different children’s circumstances and felt very strongly that we had to try to do something to make sure all children were as lucky as some of us! So, we each wrote a letter to Mr Johnson using our Rights and persuasive language to ask him to give out free books to areas and children in need.

We have sent our letters off and hope they make a difference as the government have a responsibility to ensure all children have their rights!

Mixed media artwork

After our lovely walk around Brixton on Tuesday, we have been doing some follow up artwork back at school. The focus has been on planning and creating a piece of art using a range of materials. First, we learnt how to paint a simple background using a wash of watercolours, then we sketched our drawings lightly. After that, we used oil pastels, paints, collaging and black felt tips (for detail) to create a piece of mixed media artwork. This links with what we’re currently doing in English, where we’re writing setting descriptions about the setting that we visited on our walk. See some of the finished products below!

Local Area Walk

This morning, we headed out in our wellies and coats for a walk around our local area, linking to our current geography, science and English topics. First, we went to the church grounds where we looked at grave stones, memorials and the old lamp post. It was really interesting to learn more about the people that fought for us in the World Wars and how far some of the grave stones dated back. We also looked at where the old school was. Next, we went back through Brixton, discussing how the amenities (village store, butchers, post office etc) has changed throughout the years. We then walked down towards Brixton Torr to the creek, where we completed some activities linked to our current English topic. We thought about our five senses and what we could see, hear, taste, smell and touch there, along with drawing a picture of the setting with a partner. Back at school, we will be creating pieces of mixed media artwork based on this. What a lovely morning spent out as a class – we really enjoyed learning about and appreciating our local area. We’re looking forward to applying all that we saw and learnt back in the classroom!

Here’s some of our highlights:

“My favourite part was drawing a picture of the Creek whilst we were there.”

“My favourite part was going around the church grounds because it’s interesting and it’s close to my home.”

“My favourite part was going to visit my grandparents graves at the church.”

“I liked it when we got to walk through lots of mud!”

“I liked the walk in general because my group and adult explained things about the area that I didn’t know before.”

Remember, remember the 5th of November… 🎇

What an excellent day Dahl Class have had to begin their new topic! Our big question for history this half term is “Why should the gunpowder treason and plot never be forgotten?” What better way to kick-start this topic than on the 5th of November?!

This morning we were joined by Guy Fawkes who told us all about his story and why we celebrate bonfire night today. We did a trail on the playground to complete a picture of parliament from the gunpowder plot, looked an objects from the past and compared them to the present and created a timeline of events. We had the opportunity to ask Guy Fawkes lots of questions about the choices he made and what life was like during his era. We even had a Dahl Class bonfire on the playground!

This afternoon, we learnt the famous poem ‘remember, remember the 5th of November…’ and made up actions to go with it to demonstrate our understanding. We used our reading comprehension skills to recall important facts and find out what the vocabulary meant.

After that, we created our own pieces of firework artwork using paints or oil pastels – the focus was on using colour and shape and the final results were fantastic. Finally, we used our paintings and watched a video of a fireworks display to do some descriptive writing using figurative language. We thought of powerful verbs, adjectives, onomatopoeia, similes, expanded noun phrases, the five senses and more to describe fireworks. The children worked on up-levelling their vocabulary to create some short, effective sentences.

Overall, we’ve had a great day and can’t wait to get more stuck in to our new history topic. Well done Dahl Class.

Reflecting on the First Half Term 🌟

This afternoon we’ve been looking back upon our first half term in Dahl Class – what a great time we’ve had! The children enjoyed sharing everything they’ve learnt, whether that’s progress made academically or personally. We were impressed with how much we’ve already learnt this year. We also thought about our favourite moments; we’ve made so many fun, valuable memories already as a class. Some popular memories were doing the chocolate challenge, the boys coming 2nd in their football tournament and learning about volcanoes. It was lovely to hear some children saying that their favourite memory has been making friends with somebody new, getting compliments or sharing funny moments with a friend. Finally, we ended with what we’re looking forward to next half term – Christmas craziness, new topics and seeing each other again for more learning and fun.

Well done for all your hard work Dahl Class. Have a great half term – you deserve it! 🤩


We had a fantastic day in Dahl Class for World Mental Health Day yesterday. Firstly, it was great to see all the yellow outfits and accessories worn in order to raise awareness for young people with mental health issues. We had a ‘question of the day’ on the whiteboard for the children to think about: “What will you do to ‘take 10’ today?” This encouraged the class to think about what they like to do in order to relax and look after their minds, ideas included: reading a book, sleeping, exercising, talking about how they feel, going on dog walks and playing with friends. In the afternoon, we wrote anonymous letters to someone that may be facing a mentally challenging time. I was incredibly impressed with the children’s thoughtful, kind, positive messages – they certainly put a smile on our faces whilst reading them. We’re going to put them in envelopes and store them in a special box, only to be handed out to somebody (a friend in our class, the school or a member of someone’s family) in a time of need. We also listened to and discussed some positive stories from the book ‘you are awesome’ that promotes perseverance, courage and encouraging words to young people and children. What a lovely day in Dahl Class!

The Chocolate Challenge 🍫

We kick-started our new Science topic about states of matter this week with the Chocolate challenge! Everybody had to try and hold a chunk of chocolate on their tongue (without eating it straight away!) and observe/think about what happened. We developed our scientific enquiry by thinking about what happened and why. Some of their questions included ‘Why did some people’s chocolate melt quicker than others?’, ‘How long does the chocolate take to melt?’ and ‘Why does the chocolate melt?’ After the challenge, the class discussed the questions and came up with even more great questions to begin our new science unit with.

Arts Week Part 1 👽🌏

“What would an alien make of our environment?”

That’s our big question across the school this week for arts week. Today was kick started with a thought provoking assembly that made us think of places we’ve been, places we’ve never been, and places that other living things have never been before, such as, an alien on Earth. 🌏

Would an alien like it on Earth? Would they like Brixton? Our school grounds? 👽

Back in the classroom we made a huge mind map of all of our initial ideas and answers to the big question. Many of us thought the alien would like our environment, yet many others thought that the alien wouldn’t for a variety of reasons. We also shared all of the questions we have to help us find the answer to the big question. We had some fantastic discussions about environments, habitats, survival and adaptations. Throughout the week we will refer back to our initial ideas and questions to see if we still think the same.

In science this afternoon, we got into groups and went outside (making notes on our clipboards) to look closely at various habitats around the school grounds. We thought about whether these habitats would be well suited to an alien and tried to explain our answers. Next, we discussed a humans four basic needs and had some great suggestions of what an aliens four basic needs would be in order to survive. We used survival as the key theme when thinking about if an alien could live in our local environment.

Below are some of the key areas of the school grounds that we decided could be used as a suitable habitat or to make a shelter for the alien:

Back in the classroom we had further discussions about different factors linking to our environment that could affect the alien. The main factors that we focused on were humans, plastic, climate/weather, available food and available shelter. On each table we had a large piece of paper for each of these factors, and we went around the classroom in a carousel adding our ideas for how the alien could be affected by it.


Finally, using all of this knowledge, we did an independent piece of writing focusing on one of the factors mentioned above (of our choice). We wrote about the positive and negative affects of this factor on the alien, including any ways that humans could help. This resulted in some really thoughtful pieces of writing with some fantastic ideas about both our local environment and other environments on Earth.

Over the rest of this week we will be composing a piece of descriptive writing, a letter, a group piece of art work and a piece of maths work all linking to our big question. Watch this space for further updates leading to our answers to “What would an Alien make of our environment?” Today has been filled with discussion, group collaboration, questions, curiosity and enthusiasm. What a brilliant arts week so far!

How to…erupt a volcano!!🌏💥

In English we have just begun a new writing unit on instructions. This unit links very closely to our current topic ‘Active Planet’, which is all about earthquakes and volcanoes.

Our work on instructional texts began by looking at a range of sets of instructions and identifying the key features for us to use in our writing. We have been focusing on some of these key features, such as, time conjunctions, imperative verbs, organisational devices and writing for a specific audience.

Our final write is going to be a set of instructions explaining how to make and erupt a model volcano. This afternoon we learnt the instructions visually and orally by going outside and taking part in a science experiment and actually erupting some of the fantastic model volcanoes that children have been making at home using baking soda, vinegar, washing up liquid and some food colouring!

We had great fun doing this, and afterwards each of the children were able to work in pairs to recall what items we used and what the method was.

Our next steps back in the classroom will be to plan, draft and write up their own instructional texts. Watch this space for the finished products! 😊